EPDM, PVC, PondGard™ and Geomembrane Liners

AquaLiners Direct offer Affordable solutions to pond and roof construction

AquaLiners Direct are known amongst leading suppliers of high-quality pond liner and rubber roofing materials throughout the UK. Being in direct contact with the raw material manufacturers, we can offer liner materials at unbeatable prices on the web. Simply missing out the retail process and buying direct from AquaLiners Direct, you can simply take hold of well-known branded items but with a healthier pocket. With a range of materials available – from EPDM, to PVC Liner and Protective Matting, you can ensure that our team of experts will provide you with guidance on the correct liner material that is right for your project. Being specialists at recognising the brilliance of the materials on offer within the marketplace, we deliver them to you at a price you can afford.

With EPDM being a cost-effective alternative to Butyl liner, it holds superior performance characteristics. Being one of the most trusted and leading flat sheet rubber liners, it is perfect for a variety of applications in the home environment.

Supplying a high demand of liners for ponds throughout the UK, we hold advanced knowledge in supplying and installing a variety of liners for different pond shapes, sizes and depth. Holding a unique service, we fabricate box welded liners – perfect for koi pond installations.

Delivering a high level of service is our priority...

Here at AquaLiners Direct we pride ourselves with the services we deliver to you. We not only deliver the product, but we also offer advice and solutions that best fit your requirements and project briefs. Working closely with EPDM manufacturers and brands such as Firestone & SealEco, we ensure we always have available the best materials for each application. Contact our expert team today to discuss your requirements.

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