Pond Liners

Pond Liners are a simple and cost effective method of constructing a pond - which can be easily adapted for many different shapes and sizes.

The choice of the pond lining material to be used is often based on its application; required life of the liner, site conditions, and budget. More information on the types of liners available from AquaLiners Direct can be found by clicking through the product pages, or by using the material comparison feature on this site.

In addition to supplying pond liners as flat sheets, we are also able to supply specialist shapes as Pre-Fabricated Box Welded Pond Liners. These liners can be made to a specific size and shape to increase ease of installation and allow for complex pond designs. Our team of knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you with any sized project - big or small.

Below are pond liners and materials we currently stock here at AquaLiners Direct, which include: Firestone & SealEco.

Dependant on your budget we firstly recommend EPDM liners, and PVC Liners – For customers with limited budget. For more information or assistance on the difference between liner properties, contact us on: 01225 810 324.

Pond Lining Materials from AquaLiners Direct

Here at AquaLiners Direct we excel at delivering the best. We have a long term commitment of researching and supplying the finest materials and pond liners for your projects. We offer Firestone PondGard, SealEcoEPDM Pond Liner,PVC Pond Liner and Pond Liner Underlay in a variety of sizes that best fits your requirements. How do I know how much liner I should need? Using the pond calculator on each product page will help you to estimate the expected quantity you will need according to your measurements.

Each of our pond liners we offer are usually recommended upon the circumstances, budget and project ground area within your pond installation. If you require assistance on the pond lining material that best suits your needs, please contact us. Understanding your needs effectively is something we do here right from the start.

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