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Firestone QuickScrubber Handle

£8.81 £7.34

For use in the application of QuickPrime Plus

Prevents having to handle QuickScrubber Pad

Speeds up application of QuickPrime Plus

QuickScrubber Handle for use in the application of QuickPrime Plus

The Firestone QuickScrubber Handle is designed to make applying QuickPrime Plus with a QuickScrubber Pad quicker, cleaner and easier. The face of the Handle is covered with small hooks that grip the Pad so that the QuickPrime Plus soaked Pad does not have to be held directly. It also keeps the Pad flat, providing the largest surface area so that QuickPrime Plus can be spread over the greatest area of liner in the least time.

Size Guide

One size only.

If you require multiple Handles and Pads, our QuickScrubber Kit has 4 Handles and 30 Pads included.



All our liners are sent out with full installation instructions. You can also find guides to building and installing your liner in our Help & Guides: How To section.

For larger projects, we can provide assistance with installation if required. This can either be undertaken by us or one of our partners. For more information, please see our Pond Liner Installations section or contact us.

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