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Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash

£19.01 £15.84
£19.01 £15.84

EPDM liner laminated to QuickSeam Tape

Use to flash corners, pipes and repair pond liner

Lead time, up to 5 working days

QuickSeam FormFlash Tape - An easy application to pond and lake liners


Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash is a 9” wide strip of semi-cured Firestone EPDM that is factory laminated to a piece of QuickSeam Tape for easy application to pond and lake liners. It is used where extra protection against leakage is needed for specific detailing, such as flashing inside and outside corners, sealing around pipe inlets, covering pleats where epdm liners are joined together, and repairing cuts.

QuickSeam FormFlash can be used with any EPDM pond or lake liner (including our Firestone and SealEco materials). Prior to applying QuickSeam FormFlash, all liner should be prepared by using QuickPrime Plus.

Size Guide


QuickSeam FormFlash is supplied by the running metre, with 2 options:

1m simply change the quantity to the number of metres you require and we will supply as one piece
15m this is a full roll








You can also purchase a 15cm x 20cm patch as part of our EPDM Repair Kit.

Technical Specification


Brand Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash
Use With All EPDM liners (Firestone & SealEco)

9” wide

1m increments or 15m roll
Other Sizes Available No

9” wide by length specified

Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents None
Technical Information Sheet QuickSeam FormFlash

Flashing inside and outside corners

Flashing pipes and penetrations

Repairing pond liner

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