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PVC Adhesive

As low as £9.08 £7.57
As low as £9.08 £7.57

Joining and repairing PVC pond liner

Excellent PVC adhesion

No heat bonding required

PVC Adhesive available from AquaLiners Direct

AquaLiners Direct PVC Adhesive is used for onsite joining of pieces of PVC pond liner. It can be used for joining liner where a waterfall or stream meets the main body of the pond.

PVC Adhesive is applied directly to the surfaces of the liners to be joined, and the following instructions should be followed when using it:

  1. Both surfaces to be joined should be clean, dry and clear of dust or grease (if the surfaces require cleaning, water or detergent should be gently applied to remove any debris then the liner left to fully dry prior to joining).
  2. Lay the top liner over the bottom liner by Xmm.
  3. Flap the top liner back on itself.
  4. Apply PVC adhesive to the top of the bottom liner and bottom of the top liner to create a strip from the edge of the liner to Xmm in.
  5. Leave the PVC Adhesive to dry for around 10 minutes until it is tacky.
  6. Flap the top liner back over the bottom liner ensuring the two strips of glue line up.
  7. Roll over the seam with a roller to make sure there is an even, secure bond between the liners.

AquaLiners Direct PVC Adhesive, although safe for aquatic, animal and humans once dried, is a solvent based glue and should therefore be used with care. We would recommend you read through the PVC Adhesive Technical Information Sheet prior to use; this covers all safety precautions to take.

Size Guide

PVC Adhesive comes in 2 sizes:


1.25-1.75m2 coverage

1 litre 5-7m2 coverage

Technical Specification

Brand AquaLiners Direct PVC Adhesive
Use With PVC pond liners
Size 250ml, 1litre
Other Sizes Available No

5-7m2 per litre

Aquatic, plant & human safe Yes
Solvents Acetone, MEK
Technical Information Sheet PVC Adhesive

Joining and repairing PVC pond liner


All our liners are sent out with full installation instructions. You can also find guides to building and installing your liner in our Help & Guides: How To section.

For larger projects, we can provide assistance with installation if required. This can either be undertaken by us or one of our partners. For more information, please see our Pond Liner Installations section or contact us.

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