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Velda Silenta Pro Outdoor

As low as £100.01 £83.34
As low as £100.01 £83.34

A dedicated pond air pump with multiple sizes available.

2-year manufacturers guarantee 

Lead time, up to 10-14 working days

The Silenta Outdoor pump is rainwater-proof and it is located next to the pond. The air hose delivers oxygen to the air stone located in the pond. Oxygen is released into the water in the form of bubbles. At the same time, the bubbles remove harmful gases from deeper in the water. That prevents the suffocation of micro-life and fish. The low-noise air pump has a robust housing and long life.

Features include: 

  • fibre reinforced air hose
  • large air stone
  • 5m hose
  • very silent
  • long lifetime 


When the water temperature rises, a lack of oxygen often occurs. The fish will swim to the surface to gasp for air. And when you remove algae, you take away an important source of oxygen too. Aeration of the pond brings relief in that case. The bubbles of air will release oxygen and remove harmful gasses from the water. 


During winter, ponds can freeze over, and so fish mortality by suffocation often occurs. However, you should never smash a hole in the ice, because the vibrations are harmful to your fish. Aeration of the water is a better and safer solution. The air bubbles will keep the pond ice-free and oxygen-rich.

Size Guide

1200 - 15 Watts 

1800 - 25 Watts 

3600 - 35 Watts

4800 - 65 Watts

6000 - 80 Watts


Unsure about what size you need? Check out our pond volume calculator.

Technical Specification

Data Sheet - View

Follow the link and use the drop down to select the correct size pump.

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