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VT Box Filter and Pump Set

As low as £106.01 £88.34
As low as £106.01 £88.34

A simple, all-in-one pond filter

2- year manufacturers guarantee

Lead time, up to 10-14 working days

Box Filter

A one-chamber filter system including filter media for the filtration of pond water. The water flows into the box through filter foam and a net with Filtra-Sub.

  • Compact box filter for ponds
  • Filter foam removes coarse dirt particles
  • Filtra-Sub for excellent biological filtration
  • in the set: pond pump for the circulation of pond water
  • in the set: filter hose to connect the pump to the filter


During wintertime, at temperatures below 0°C, the filter should be switched off. Clean all parts and keep them in a dry frost-free place. Not only to avoid trouble but also to ensure a high water yield, the pump needs regular maintenance. Proceed as follows:

Switch off the power supply and remove the pump from the pond. Remove the cap and open the motor case by turning the rotor holder. Remove the rotor and clean all parts using water and a soft brush. Assemble all parts in reverse order. Take care that the rubber ring will be mounted in the right way.

Size Guide

Box Filter Set 4000 | up to 4000 litres of water with filter foam fine and coarse + Filtra-sub + pump 1000 l/h + hose

Box Filter Set 7000 | up to 7000 litres of water with filter foam fine and coarse + Filtra-sub + pump 2000 l/h + hose

Technical Specification

  • Open the lid and remove all parts and filter materials from the filter.
  • Attach the 32 mm hose socket with the sealing ring
    to the bottom outlet on the outside of the filter, with
    the elbow on the inside. Attach the white tube to the
    other end of the elbow, pointing upwards.
  • Fill the filter net with Filtra-Sub, rinse it and place it
    at the bottom of the filter with the rinsed filter foam
    on top (blue below, black on top).
  • Attach the inlet socket with the sealing ring to the
    upper inlet on the outside of the filter, with the
    perforated tube on the inside (and the holes
    pointing downwards). Saw off the unused part of
    the hose socket. Put the lid back on the filter.
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