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  1. Pond Liner Joining Kit
    EPDM Pond Liner Joining Kit

    Everything you need to join up to 2m of liner

    Great for streams or waterfalls

    No need for hot bonding

    £21.64 £18.03
  2. Firestone QuickSeam Tape
    Firestone 3inch QuickSeam Tape

    Simplest way to join EPDM onsite

    No hot bonding required

    Incredibly strong and durable

    £21.90 £18.25
    £89.84 £74.87
  3. Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash
    Firestone QuickSeam FormFlash

    EPDM liner laminated to QuickSeam Tape

    Easy installation

    Use to flash corners, pipes and repair pond liner

    £17.93 £14.94
    £250.72 £208.93
  4. Firestone QuickPrime Plus
    Firestone QuickPrime Plus

    Used to prepare liner surfaces for Tapes, Mouldings and Flashings

    Cleans and primes the liner

    £37.07 £30.89
    £56.72 £47.27
  5. Firestone QuickScrubber Kit
    Firestone QuickScrubber Kit

    For use in the application of QuickPrime Plus

    Economical multi pack of Handles and Pads

    Speeds up Primer application process

    £33.55 £27.96

Showing products 1-5 of 17

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Pond Liner Tools & Accessories from AquaLiners Direct

Here at AquaLiners Direct, we provide a range of pond liner tools and accessories to help you achieve the pond you’re after. Whether you’re in the process of creating a decorative water feature, or a pond a little larger than average, we can assist.

From EPDM bonding adhesive for use when attaching pond liners to other substrates, to QuickPrime Plus for preparing your liners prior to attaching

additional items, such as another liner, pipe boot, repair patch or flashing, you’ll find everything you need for your project and can order directly online.

If you need some help with the requirements for your pond project, please call our experienced team members for assistance.