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Velda Clear Control 100 Filter

£561.58 £467.98

Large capacity, high-pressure pond filter

Connects to a pump, separately

2-year manufacturers guarantee 

Lead time, up to 10-14 working days

This extraordinary pressure filter, which has a content of ca. 100 litres, can withstand high pressure and the water can bridge a difference in height after the filter. Ideal for a waterfall and ponds up to 60.000 litres of water.

- Cleaning without opening the filter
- Multi-position tap for easy operation
- Installation option for 2 UV-C Units 55 Watt
- Including zeolite filter cartridge
- Waterproof up to more than 1 bar

The Clear Control pressure filter of Velda is a pre-eminent medium for bacterial growth, thus the decomposition of floating dirt is very effective. By installing a Clear Control pressure filter you will make your pond clearer and healthier. The Clear Control pressure filters have been equipped with several functions:

1. Back Wash
2. Do not use for ponds
3. Pond Drain
4. Filtration
5. Stop
6. Bypass
7. Winter

Contains a filter cartridge filled with zeolite. Other filter materials are optionally available and can be applied depending on the type of pond.

Size Guide

Suitable for up to 60,000 litres of water

Not sure if this would be suitable for your pond? Check out our pond volume calculator.

Technical Specification

Data Sheet - View

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