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Velda Cover Net

As low as £23.98 £19.98
As low as £23.98 £19.98

In our pond protectors range

High-quality pond protection from fallen leaves & branches etc.

Ensure your pond stays protected from pests

Multiple sizes available

Lead time, up to 3-5 working days

Autumn is the season to perform major maintenance to your pond, as doing so will enable your pond to live through winter smoothly and allow proper development in spring. Also, make sure you remove as many waste plant parts and leaves which have blown into the pond as possible. The fewer nutrients in the pond, the smaller the risk of algae.

Catching net

The cover net will prevent leaves and branches from being blown into the pond in autumn. Consequently, there will be less risk of algal growth in spring and it will facilitate maintenance of your pond.

Deterrence of herons
Applying a cover net will deter herons and different intruders. In winter, the supply of food for herons is limited. Fish are moving less quickly in cold water, so that is why they are easy prey.

During your absence, you will have to protect your fish of course to the best of your ability. By stretching the net your fish will be protected against intruders.

The cover net is very finely-woven. Almost all leaves and branches will be caught by the net, which makes the effectiveness of the net optimum.

Useful life
Owing to its finely-woven, firm wide band all around the net and the strong holding rings, the net is a very durable product, out of which you will get a great deal of use for several years.

The cover net is laying nearly invisibly on the water surface so that you can continue and enjoy your water garden.

The cover net is supplied including pegs, so ready for use.

Size Guide

Product Packaging Suitable for Pegs
Protective net 2 x 3 m ponds of 6 m² 10 pieces
Protective net 4 x 3 m ponds of 12 m² 14 pieces
Protective net 6 x 5 m ponds of 30 m² 22 pieces
Protective net 6 x 10 m  ponds of 60 m² 32 pieces

Technical Specification

10mm black mesh

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