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Velda Giant Biofill XL Filter

£489.50 £407.92

A heavy-duty pond filter (connects to a pump separately).

2-year manufacturers guarantee 

Lead time, up to 3 Months

The Giant Biofill XL is a large multichamber filter: ideal for koi ponds. The water flows up and down through the removable cassettes with filter materials.

  • Including 18 Watt UV-C Unit which destroys floating algae and germs.
  • Including Japanese matting, bio filter balls and all connection pieces.
  • Internal aeration is optional to add oxygen.
  • Internal Pond Heater is optional in winter.

Easy installation

Connect the filter to a dirty-water/pond pump for the circulation of pond water. Use a filter hose to connect the pump outlet to the inflow of the filter. Place the filter next to the pond and lower the pump under water. Activate the UV-C lamp and the pump by plugging them in. Read the manual first!

Size Guide

Suitable for up to 20,000 litres of water

Not sure if this would be suitable for your pond? Check out our pond volume calculator.

Technical Specification

Data Sheet - View

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