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Vertical Fixing Pond Liner

When you want to fix your pond liner to a vertical wall, you will need to fix the liner to the face of the wall


It is important to ensure the fixings are properly secured and sealed to ensure no water leaks behind the liner.


Vertical fixing pond liner to a wall


What you need to fix pond liner to a vertical wall:


aquaSHIELD Matting

Bonding Adhesive
Termination Bar
Mechanical fixings (max 10mm diameter, this is the size of the holes in the termination bar) – these need to be suitable for your wall material
Lap Sealant
Water Block


How to fix a pond liner to a vertical wall:


  1. When you lay out your pond liner, make sure that you have enough liner to go right into the base of your wall, up to the height you will fix the liner and a little extra.
  2. Mark the position of the termination bar on the wall.
  3. Use the Termination Bar to mark the position of the holes for fixing. Drill the holes for fixing in the wall.
  4. Place a layer of protective matting behind the liner in the base of the pond.
  5. Lay the liner over the protective matting and into its final position.
  6. Roll back the liner from the vertical surface onto the base.
  7. Apply bonding adhesive first to the wall (up to the level of the termination bar, then the reverse of the liner, allowing both surfaces to flash off until touch dry.
  8. Roll the liner back up against the wall starting in the middle and ensuring the liner remains level at the top.
  9. Add a continuous bead of Water Block to along the wall (behind the liner) at the level of the termination bar.
  10. Fix the Termination Bar through the liner to the wall. Repeat this until all fixings are attached to the wall.
  11. Trim the liner back to the top of the Termination Bar.
  12. Finish the fixing by running a line of Lap Sealant along the top edge of the termination bar touching the wall, to seal against any water getting behind the liner.
  13. You can detail over the top of this fixing in any way of your choosing. If you want to add a facing in front of the liner (so the liner is sandwiched between the wall and the facing) make sure you add a layer of protective matting between the liner and the front-facing to prevent any damage to the liner.