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Norlogs Raised Pond Kits from AquaLiners Direct

Our raised pond kits are manufactured by Norlogs out of Swedish pressure treated timber, to ensure the best quality. The garden pond kits contain raised pond liners made of 0.5mm PVC or 0.75mm EPDM.

The above ground pond kits include everything you need to set up your raised wooden pond, including a pump where this is selected. The wooden beams are easily layered up to create the walls of the pond. All our above ground pools also feature seats so that you can get the most out of your pond.

The flat back pond is perfect for the smallest of garden where it can be fitted against a wall or fence to bring a bit of tranquility to the garden. The larger square and hexaganal pools are suitable for slightly larger spaces.

All our Norlog raised wooden ponds are sent out with full installation instructions for setting up your pool. If you need any help or more information on the wooden pond kits, contact us on 01225 810324.