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The best puncture resistance of any pond liner

Suitable for ponds, lakes, reservoirs and lagoons

Available up to 50' x 100'


Perfect for prefabricating for ornamental or Koi ponds

Slightly textured finish is pure black & has no chalkiness

0.75mm thick & available in singles sheet up to 800m2


Certified non-toxic for human, marine and plant life

Great budget option for smaller garden ponds

0.5mm thickness makes this super flexible




AquaLiners Direct are a trusted manufacturer and supplier to both DIY and trade customers in the UK, including our specialist box welded liners (perfect as koi pond liners).

All our products are of the best quality and available at customer friendly rates.

We offer a range of leading pond liner materials: Firestone PondGard, SealEco EPDM and aquaPLAN PVC. 

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Firestone Lap Sealant

Used to stop water getting behind liner edges and seams

Easy application with mastic gun

Use with termination bars and QuickSeam products

EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kit

Everything you need to repair small holes in your pond liner

No need for hot bonding

Durable, proven system

EPDM Pond Liner Joining Kit

Everything you need to join up to 2m of liner

Great for streams or waterfalls

No need for hot bonding

aquaSHIELD Protective Matting

Protects pond liner from installation and usage damage

Completely rot, UV and weather resistant

Can be cut to suit any shape stream, waterfall or pond

Oeko-Tex Certified Protective Face Covering

Protective face covering, one size fits all



At AquaLiners Direct, we provide the best pond liner solutions. All our liners are flexible, durable and environmentally friendly…whilst also being friendly to your pocket!

As approved distributors of Firestone and authorised partners of SealEco, AquaLiners Direct offers a wide range of pond liner materials and accessories throughout the UK. We fabricate pond liner at our own factory in Wiltshire, and the close control this provides us means we can ensure our products are the best in the marketplace whilst also keeping the price low.

We recommend protective matting underlay is used with all of our liners. This

helps to protect the liner during installation and for the duration of your pond’s lifetime.  Made out of non-woven polypropylene geotextile, it can enhance efficiency and reduce the likelihood of damage to the pond liner.

Our website showcases the best pond liners for sale at the best prices! Please take a look through our product range which you can buy online today. If, however you’re not sure on which pond liner may be best suited for your project, please call our expert team on 01225 810 324 or email [email protected].

We pride ourselves on being one of the best pond liner UK providers, and ensure our customers are given the best deals and customer service available.

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