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SealEco Butyl Pond Liner 0.75mm

£12.43 £10.36


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£12.43 £10.36

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Longest product history on the market

Excellent properties for lining ponds

0.75mm thick pure black finish

Made to order, contact us for lead time

SealEco Butyl Pond Liner


Butyl Rubber Pond Liner has been produced in Sweden by SealEco (formerly Varnamo) since 1967; with a long and successful history making it a favourite of garden designers and contractors alike.

However, in more recent times, many users have switched to EPDM rubber pond liners such as Firestone PondGard and SealEco Pond Liner. These liners have very similar properties to Butyl Pond Liner, and in some cases perform even better, but at a much reduced cost. This is because the Butyl polymer has significantly increased in cost over the years, making Butyl Pond Liner less economical, especially for large ponds and lakes.

We continue to stock Butyl Pond Liner because it is still an excellent material for lining ponds, and for some of our customers where price is less sensitive, this is still the best choice.

Why Choose Butyl Pond Liner?

Highly durable: Butyl is UV stable, flexible, and highly puncture resistant making it a heavy duty material suitable for all pond applications.

Box Welded Liners: Butyl can be manufactured into box liners for ornamental and Koi fish ponds. We do this in our factory by vulcanising the joints to make them super strong.

Non-toxic: Butyl Pond Liner is safe for humans, fish and animals.

Size Guide


Although in many cases Butyl Pond Liner has been replaced by EPDM Pond Liner, we do still stock Butyl for our customers who prefer it and have a small selection of Butyl Pond Liner sizes available on our website above. We also hold further stocks and are able to supply larger sizes or multiple sheets for joining on site. Please contact us if you would like more information on these.

We would recommend that your Butyl Pond Liner is installed with a good quality pond underlay to provide protection from stones and roots. We supply AquaSHIELD protective matting in both 200gsm and 275gsm.

Technical Specification



Brand SealEco
Thickness 0.75mm
Material Butyl
Max Size (online) 1.7m x 25m

Max Size (supplied as a single sheet*)


Other Sizes Available Yes, please contact us on 01225 810324 with your requirements
Colour Black
Weight (per m2) 1.00kg
Elasticity 300% elongation (allowing for adjustment/movement of the surface it is laid on)
Life Span over 40 years
Joining Possible On Site Yes
Puncture Resistance Good
Aquatic, Plant & Human Safe Yes

Small garden ponds

Large ponds

Box Welded Liners





















*As the fabricator, we are able to supply larger sizes by joining the pond liner in our factory. A single sheet means the pond liner is supplied to you as one piece and you will not need to join it onsite, but it may have been joined by us.

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