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Dyofix SGP Black Pond Powder Sachet

As low as £17.26 £14.38
As low as £17.26 £14.38

2 size options

More suitable for small ornamental ponds

Lead time, 1 - 2 working days



Create a stunning water feature with black pond dye

Dyofix Pond Black is a black pond dye used in smaller ponds and fountains where a dramatic effect is required.

Garden designers use black pond dye to create an obsidian black mirror reflection for a stunning garden pond design.

Sunlight, moonlight or candlelight, the black mirror finish of the black pond dye looks amazing and puts the finishing touch to your water feature.


Dyofix black pond dye halts the growth of algae

Pond Black is used in smaller ponds where the need to stop algae growth and weed growth is important. The black pond dye absorbs and blocks all daylight, allowing no light to penetrate below the surface, hence the black appearance.

Your pond plants that have leaves and flowers above the surface of the water are not affected at all by the use of Pond Black. Fish are also safe in this environment but Pond Black darkens the surface of your pond markedly, making it impossible to see the fish.



  • Blocks light, denying algae its food source
  • Enhances your pond’s reflective qualities
  • Creates a stunning mirror-like backdrop for your water plants
  • Free of pesticides and herbicides
  • Harmless to water filters and plants
  • Saves time for the weekend gardener
  • Helps created spectacular water features
  • One application can last up to three months



Soluble sachets

Each cold water-soluble sachets of black pond dye treat a minimum of 6000 litres of pond water.

If more than one sachet are required, simply drop them into different parts of the pond. The sachet will dissolve to release the dye. The water can be stirred to speed up the mixing process.

Pond Black has fully mixed in when you cannot see below the surface of the water. Don’t add any more at this stage.

Size Guide

50g Treats 1500L of water

200g Treats 6000L of water

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