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Lake Liners

High-Quality Lake Liner Delivered Throughout the UK


Our liners are not just a great option for small garden ponds, they can be used for a whole range of other applications:

  • Private or public spaces
  • Large or linked ponds
  • Lakes
  • Waterscapes
  • Reservoirs
  • Irrigation lagoons

You can find out more about our lake lining service below, or contact us with your requirements and a member of our team would be happy to help.



Lake Liners

For these larger lake lining projects, we would always recommend a heavy-duty pond liner such as Elevate 1.02mm PondGard, 1.14mm GeoGard or SealEco 1.00mm and 0.75mm EPDM because these liners have a much greater puncture and tear resistance compared to PVC. They are also completely UV stable so will not be degraded by sunlight over time. To get a better understanding of which liner might be best for your project, see our lake liner comparison.

When designing your large pond or lake, you can use our liner calculator to estimate the amount of liner that you will need. However, to keep costs down, you should accurately measure the length and width of the pond, after excavation and at the widest points, along the contours remembering to add enough liner for fixing, before ordering.

On AquaLiners Direct, you will find Elevate PondGard liners available up to 50’ (15.24m) x 100’ (30.48m) and SealEco EPDM up to 10m x 25m for direct delivery. If you are looking for a very large pond liner, there are two options:

  1. Our parent company Stephens Industries can fabricate lake liners in one piece up to:
    1. Elevate 100’ (30.48m) x 100’ (30.48m)
    2. SealEco EPDM 40m x 40m
  2. Both Elevate and SealEco EPDM can be joined on-site for even bigger projects. We supply everything you need to do this (see joining pond liner) or can assist with installation if required.

If you need any help or advice regarding your lake liner project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.