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  1. Pond Liner Repair Kit
    EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kit

    Everything you need to repair small holes in your pond liner

    No need for hot bonding

    Lead time, up to 5 working days

    £26.04 £21.70
  2. Pond Liner Joining Kit
    EPDM Pond Liner Joining Kit

    Everything you need to join up to 2m of liner

    Great for streams or waterfalls

    Lead time, up to 5 working days

    £30.52 £25.43
  3. Firestone Easysealant
    Firestone Easysealant

    Superior quality sealant-adhesive

    Pond liner sealant for use with Easycorners

    Lead time 3-5 working days

    £14.77 £12.31
  4. Firestone Easycorner Internal
    Firestone Easycorner Internal

    Prefabricated Corner

    Lead Time 3-5 working days

    £13.97 £11.64
  5. Firestone Easycorner External
    Firestone Easycorner External

    Prefabricated Corners

    Lead Time 3-5 working days

    £13.97 £11.64

Showing 5 products

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Pond Liner Repair Kits & Joining Kits available from AquaLiners Direct

At AquaLiners Direct, we provide EPDM Pond Liner Repair Kits and Joining Kits for fast and easy repairing of your liner or to attach any special features. You may have noticed a small hole in the pond liner, or you’re looking to join 2 liners together, we have both kits available for our customers throughout the UK.

What size hole can the pond liner repair kit fix?

Whether you’ve bought the liner from us, or have purchased elsewhere, our repair kits have everything you need to fix holes in all EPDM liners. The liner patch that comes within the repair kit is a 15cm x 20cm piece of QuickSeam FormFlash

Pond liner joining kits are perfect for Waterfalls and Streams:

Our EPDM Joining Kit, also available to buy online, enables joining of up to 2m of Firestone or SealEco EPDM. Working perfectly around intricate waterfalls and streams, with use of our joining kit, you can create the shapes and areas easily without perforating the liner at any stage.

Need further assistance? – Submit an enquiry online or contact our team on: 01225 632 444.