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Small to medium garden ponds are easy to create and install yourself by following our how to guides. If you are trying to create a larger pond, lake, swimming pond or formal pond with multiple areas, you may want some help.

As a supplier of pond liners for many years, we have been asked to assist with the installation of our liners numerous times.

Some liner projects we have been involved with:

Large Pond Liner Lake Liners Commercial Pond Liner Box Welded Pond Liner

Large Pond Liner


Lake Liner



Pond Liner


Box Welded Liner


We also work with a number of partners including garden landscapers, waterscapers and contractors who are experienced pond installers.

Both us and our partners can help you make your pond design a reality by providing:

  • Site surveys
  • Design guidance and advice
  • Technical guidance and specifications
  • Material choice advice
  • Liner installation

For more information on our installation services, call us on 01225 810 324 or send us a message.