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Oase AquaActiv BioKick Fresh 500ml

£19.01 £15.84

Very highly active thanks to nutrient solution

Removes ammonium and nitrite

Awakens the filter biology

Lead time, 1-2 working days

BioKick Fresh is based on a dry culture of heterotrophic bacterial strains with more than one billion microorganisms per ml and a nutrient solution that is mixed immediately before use. This creates a highly active bacterial concentrate, which ensures particularly rapid degradation of ammonium, ammonia gas and nitrite in the pond. BioKick Fresh produces the optimum performance of the pond filter within a period of one to two weeks. It is also suitable for activating pond systems with available light fish stock, as well as for new pond filters and after filter cleaning processes or water changes.



  • STARTING AID: Awakens the pond biology in the filter during spring or upon restart
  • IN THEIR BILLIONS: Contains more than one billion microorganisms/g* (*at the time of filling)
  • PERFORMANCE BOOSTER: The pond filter reaches its peak performance within just a few days

Size Guide

Container size   500 ml
Suitable for ponds up to max. m3 10.0
Optimal supplements   OptiPond, Safe&Care
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