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Blagdon Pond Balance 500 Gallon

£11.98 £9.98

Naturally eliminate blanketweed and algae.

Gradually adjusting your ponds water chemistry to actively remove blanketweed and encourage lush plant growth

Lead time 3-4 working days

  • Pond Balance safely and gradually adjusts the pond water chemistry to achieve a balance which effectively clears blanket weed
  • For long-term effectiveness Pond Balance usage should begin from early Spring and continue regularly throughout the warmer months
  • This treatment should begin with a repeated dose every 10 days for the first month, once a month thereafter, more frequently if required
  • Safe for use with all species of pond fish, harmless to filters and plants, harmless to newts, frogs, toads and other pond wildlife
  • Suitable for use in all planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi ponds. Encourages pond plant growth

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Treats 500 Gallons

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