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DyoFix Byofix Beneficial Bacteria powder

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Improves water quality and clarity

100% safe for fish and aquatic life

Lead time, 1 - 2 working days


Good bacteria, non-toxic, safe and easy to apply


Those of you familiar with our DyoFix pond dyes will know that algae is not only unsightly but can be a serious problem. ByoFix is a biodegradable, non-toxic product that is both safe and beneficial to use in the aquatic environment.


Our ByoFix products introduce natural bacteria which break down the organic pollutants in ponds and lakes. They help maintain good dissolved oxygen levels; reduce toxicity and dispel foul odours; eliminate suspended organic matter; remove sludge and control disease.


The benefits for ponds and lakes

  • Decomposes rotting vegetation and the organic matter settled at the bottom of the water.
  • Effectively removes sludge and prevents further build-up.
  • Reduces BOD & COD; maintaining a good level of dissolved oxygen.
  • Improves water quality & clarity.
  • 100% safe for fish and aquatic life.
  • Reduces the toxicity caused by naturally occurring chemical compounds.
  • Cost-effective and easy to apply.
  • Reduces H2S, ammonia and other foul odours.
  • Easy to use, can be applied at any time of the day

Byofix Beneficial Bacteria Powder

The Bacillus bacteria in ByoFix Beneficial Bacteria are packaged and shipped in spore form. The advantages of supplying ByoFix Beneficial Bacteria in spore form are:

  • Long-term, stable shelf life
  • Greater tolerance to harsh environmental conditions
  • Competitive with other types of microbe
  • Work synergistically with other Bacillus, as well as other select microbes
  • Able to be formulated with many other ingredients allowing superior and unique formulas to be made

On introduction to a contaminated pond or lake, the spores in ByoFix rapidly germinate into vegetative cells. After germination, the bacteria start secreting their enzymes, breaking down the algae for an energy source.

Byofix Beneficial Bacteria Powder is particularly active in neutralizing excess nitrates in water that often result in blanket weed and duckweed

Size Guide


Initial Dosage for small ponds with heavy concentrations of rotting vegetation and silt: 75g per 100㎡.

Maintenance: 50g per 100㎡ every 15 days until obvious signs of improvement are seen

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