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Elevate PondGard™ Liner 1.02mm

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Now £10.94 £9.12 Was £11.52

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Measure the greatest width, greatest length and maximum depth. To calculate the size of liner you need.

For larger sizes please call 01225 632444

A pond liner with exceptional longevity - great choice for large pond liners

Suitable for ponds, lakes, reservoirs and lagoons

Lead time, 4-5 working days including delivery time.

Elevate Pond Liner


Elevate has been producing rubber polymers for over 100 years with the first use of this EPDM liner in an irrigation lagoon in Spain in 1973 (it’s still going strong!), so you can be sure that you are getting the best when you choose Elevate for your pond or lake liner.

The preference of many landscapers and building professionals Elevate pond liner is suitable for a variety of applications from garden ponds to reservoirs, lakes, and lagoons.

For most applications, Elevate pond liner can be cut to the size required for your pond from rolls supplied directly from the Elevate factory, without the need for sheets to be joined in our factory, then simply trimmed to shape on-site.


Why Choose an Elevate Pond Liner?





Highly durable: As EPDM is not affected by weather factors (UV, ozone, varying temperatures, or frost), the liner is incredibly strong; it won’t crack or split. The greater thickness of Elevate Pond Liner (1.02mm) means that it is more robust than 0.75mm SealEco GreenSeal and therefore has better puncture resistance.

Low maintenance: Having been formulated to not suffer from microbial attacks or algae growth, this liner requires very little ongoing maintenance.

Very flexible: The flexibility of the liner means that it will conform to shelves for planting, waterfalls, and vertical structures, allowing for easy installation.

Human, fish, and animal safe: Elevate PondGard is certified safe for humans, fish, and animals, and is also environmentally friendly, having been produced in the USA to ISO14001 and ISO9002 standards.

Onsite joins: Elevate pond liners can be joined together using QuickSeam Tape, with QuickSeam FormFlash used for special detailing, to help achieve more complicated designs.

Aftercare: In unfortunate cases, you may require a pond liner repair kit. Containing everything you need to repair small holes within your liner, it is an immediate solution to repair any damage that may have occurred to the liner.

Size Guide


Elevate Pond Liner is sold by length (in feet), cut from large sheets varying from 6’ to 50’ wide and up to 100’ long. This means you can get a seamless sheet up to 50’ (15.24m) x 100’ (30.48m). We can also provide single sheets joined in our factory up to 100’ x 100’, or multiple sheets for joining on-site. If you are interested in larger sizes, please contact us.

We would recommend that your Elevate pond or lake liner is installed with a good quality pond underlay to provide protection from stones and roots. We supply AquaSHIELD protective matting in both 200gsm and 275gsm.

Technical Specification


Brand Elevate PondGard
Thickness 1.02mm
Material Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)
Max Size (online) 50' (15.24m) x 100' (30.48m)
Max Size (supplied as a single sheet*)

100' (30.48m) x 100' (30.48m)

Elevate is supplied in feet

Other Sizes Available Yes, please contact us on 01225 632444 with your requirements
Colour Carbon Black
Weight (per m2) 1.39kg
Elasticity 300% elongation (allowing for adjustment/movement of the surface it is laid on)
Life Span over 40 years
Joining Possible On-Site Yes
Puncture Resistance Excellent
Aquatic, Plant & Human Safe Yes

Small to large ponds
























*As the fabricator, we are able to supply larger sizes by joining the pond liner in our factory. A single sheet means the pond liner is supplied to you as one piece and you will not need to join it on-site, but it may have been joined by us.



All our liners are sent out with full installation instructions. You can also find guides to building and installing your liner in our Help & Guides: How To section.

For larger projects, we can assist with installation if required. This can either be undertaken by us or one of our partners. For more information, please see our Pond Liner Installations section or contact us.

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