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Sicce Ecopond Pump and Filter

As low as £122.39 £101.99
As low as £122.39 £101.99

Part of our pond pumps and filter combi range.

Includes a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Lead time, 1-2 working days

ECOPOND filters are particularly suitable when effective and powerful internal filtering is required. These durable submersible filters keep the water environment biologically balanced and their water effects embellish your pond. The ECOPOND filter is popular for its ease of installation and simple maintenance. The large surface area of the foam, traps small particles for clearer water and longer pump life. The four models (powered by SYNCRA pumps) come with different water plays.

Powered by SYNCRA 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.0 respectively

1 layer (ECOPOND 2)

2 layers on on top of the other (ECOPOND 3)

3 layers on on top of the other (ECOPOND 4)

3 stages of filtration (mechanic and biological)

Water plays included

Adjustable fountain height

Telescopic tube extension

Extra large base

Diverter for use with flexible pipes

Size Guide

Ecopond 1 - 700 l/h

Ecopond 2 - 1350 l/h

Ecopond 3 - 2400 l/h

Ecopond 4 - 2700 l/h


Unsure about what size you need? Check out our pond volume calculator.

Technical Specification

Data Sheet - View

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