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Velda Heron Stop Spinner

£43.39 £36.16

Heron stop spinner deters herons and other bird pests

Hangs from the pond side (pole included), 2 year guarantee

The eye design protects pond fish from birds of prey, pigeons etc.

Lead time, up to 3-5 working days

These products may seem easy on the eye to us people, however, they are not so pleasant for herons and pigeons! This Heron Stop Spinner protects your fish by scaring herons and different objectionable birds, by the catching the eyes of a bird of prey by reflecting the light of the shining metal.

If you place this unique Heron Stop Spinner by the pond side, immediate deterrence is caused, which prevents herons from visiting your pond once again and from snatching your valuable fish away. They consequently will not easily return to this pond, but if they do, this will once again scare them off.

Size Guide

In case of larger ponds several spinners can placed on the water surface of your pond in order to achieve a stronger effect.

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